tamii taco (meetmeinmontok) wrote in feministsanon,
tamii taco


i just wrote this today
like 10 min.s ago
and in 10 min.s

so uhm yah
i was trying to find a writting community to post it on.
and i thought it seemed kinda feminist.
so ill just post it here

tell me what you think?


its like when head and head combine.

and explosion of thoughts is that last thing that comes to mind

its more like the fourth of july

youre own private viewing

a spectacular show

your own private bobing firwork show

all at your fingertips

but hidden dangers hide in sponateous fires

burning of your flesh is the least of your wories

when head and head meet

hearts intwine

and often break apart

there is no privacy

bragging rights is what its all about

a touching moment turned into a competion between men.

intense satifcation

instant gratification

mutual attraction

what our whole generation is about

but when theres no such thing as closed doors

pornography and sexual enuiendo

left and right

its cheapened

and often hard to accomplish anything more

women peeling off their clothes for attention

wanting to be wanted

needing to be needed

they often acquire nothing more

than a one night stand and butcher any meaning behind it

the rush of having skin meeting skin is nothing when hearts cant meet

its empty

and meaningless

lack of respect for yourself

is lack of respect for others

do you not know

not think

that you are a specimen of your kind

an example.


you are greater than that

represent your own


represnt your own

and fight conformity.

believe that things are worth believing in

feel what is worth feeling

instead of having shallow nights to fill empty souls.

courage is in that of explaoration

and true exploration is going where many fear to go

the discovery of a g spot is a piece of cake

compared to trying find the key to anothers heart

face it

and accept it

another notch in your belt?

i think not

another sorry deception in your life

and a sorry excuse for being loved

i think so.

not to mention the growning epidemic of single mothers,STDs

and MEN, if you can call them that,cowering away from any sort of child support

its not about money

its not about being perfect

its about steping up

owning up

and taking resposabilities for  what happens

its about setting examples.

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