Charlotte Corday (gummybeartheory) wrote in feministsanon,
Charlotte Corday

academic/career advice?

hi everyone

i'm writing because i'm confused as to what career path to take regarding my two main passions in life: women's rights and animal rights. what i've done so far is get a BA in literature and gender studies (in the U.S.). what i want to do eventually is work to affect social change via some sort of activist/political work in the states (and by extension/eventually i hope to affect change worldwide).

so, to do this, what are my options? i thought i could get a JD and be a lawyer for an NGO such as Planned Parenthood or the Humane Society of the United States. i want to work to change laws that oppress women and non-human animals. lately i've been thinking law school might not be the way to go, though. so which MA or PhD programs would be useful? an MA in public policy with a focus on women's/animal rights (a friend suggested this)? what would provide me with the most power/qualifications to affect social change in the fields i'm interested in?

any words of wisdom will be highly appreciated.


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