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May 12th, 2006

_greensleeves_ @ 06:53 pm: PLAYMATES
After a long absence (I go to UChicago...work. Lots of it), I finally have a complete work worth sharing. I'd really appreciate your feedback, whether positive or negative. Thanks!


Sorry for the fake LJ-cut

March 8th, 2006

indighost @ 04:46 pm: breaking eggs...
I've just finished The Handmaid's Tale (excellent despite the anticlimatic last section) and have been thinking about an issue that was raised in the book.

At one point, the Commander states to the female lead character, in an attempt to explain why he and other men felt it necessary to dramatically change the condition of the lives of women in a restrictive way, that it "seemed to be for the best" and that "in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs."

That got me to thinking. The Commander is presuming, in his paternal manner, to speak for what is best for all women, but really, he and the other men have set up a situation that is best for themselves and all other men. The men have all the power. Who are those who enjoy omelets to speak of what is best for eggs?

Is it in the best interest of the women (eggs), really, to have had all these choices made for them? To have their freedom taken away and their interests completely disregarded? The Commander acknowledges that "for many women, things became much worse," but the "reward" was "no longer having to worry about rape or degradation" (and yet, of course, both still took place).

That reminds me, of course, of the current issue that is on everyone's tongues at the moment - the South Dakota new law banning all abortion except in cases that the woman's life is threatened. Again, I'm prompted to wonder whose interests really are being looked after here with this new law - certainly, it's not for the benefit of the women involved in a "crisis pregnancy" (as the Christian centers set up to convince women who are thinking about abortion to select a different choice so eloquently refer to it). I suppose the omelet-lovers in this situation are the fervently pro-life people (mostly men, right? how many women were involved with the creation of this law?) who have not had an abortion and would like to stop them from occurring.


February 16th, 2006

sareara @ 09:18 pm: Fangirl Rampage 3
My third Fangirl Rampage column went up today... I'm interviewing my friend Mary, another really cool girl who reads comics. Stop by and check it out. =)

fangirl rampage


February 14th, 2006

anjel_kitty @ 11:00 pm: Push the plan B pill through
I hope ya'll don't mind me posting this around. If so feel free to delete

The FDA Advisory Committee on Reproductive Health made an overwhelming recommendation that Plan B be made available over-the-counter in a 23-4 vote.Yet the Bush Administration has tried to prevent such access by pressuring the FDA into a voting impasse.

A report from the independent Government Accountability Office found that anti-choice political figures have actually been using their political clout to stop-block the FDA's vote on the application of Plan B.

It should not take an act of Congress to get a federal agency to do its job, but it seems that's what must happen with the Bush administration's greedy hand always in the cookie jar of women's rights. Don't let women wait one more day.

Take action to urge your representative to support the "Plan B for Plan B Act."

30,000 signatures are needed and I just made the 23,976. Please sign it today

February 3rd, 2006

sareara @ 02:56 pm: Fangirl Rampage 2
Check out my second Fangirl Rampage column at PCS. It's all about girls who read comics and kick some serious ass. This time I'm interviewing Merlinna Thompson from Columbus, OH.


fangirl rampage

January 3rd, 2006

vukatie06 @ 10:26 am: Freedom Winter
CALLING ALL ACTIVISTS to help stop the confirmation of Samuel Alito. Join the Feminist Majority Foundation and the National Organization of Women in the Freedom Winter of 2006. http://www.feministcampus.org/FreedomWinter06/

In 1964, thousands of students from across the country traveled to Mississippi and other Southern states to register and mobilize African American voters in unprecedented numbers. It was the famous 1964 Freedom Summer of the Civil Rights Movement that focused the nation's attention on the injustices of racial bigotry and hatred.

Now with the threat to turn back the clock on Title IX, Access to Abortion, Birth Control, Affirmative Action, the Civil Rights Acts, Voting Rights, and other gains for women and people of color, it is time to once again mobilize a massive student campaign--this time to save women's rights and civil rights.

On January 9, 2006, Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Alito's Nomination Can AND Must Be Stopped! Judge Alito has been very clear in his writings that he does not support “racial and ethnic quotas,” which is code language for being against affirmative action. His disdain for Americans' constitutional right to privacy extends even to allowing the strip search of a 10-year-old girl. Not only could he very well be the decisive vote to reverse Roe v. Wade, his vote could roll back sex and race discrimination law and undermine important legislation such as the Family and Medical Leave Act.

What are we doing?
- Calling our senators to let them know we do NOT support Alito and we want them to vote against his nomination.
- Asking everyone we know to call their senators to vote against Alito.
- Visiting our senators on Capital Hill to ask them to vote against Alito.
- Holding press conferences about our opposition to Alito.
- Activating every community we can find to spread the word about the Freedom Winter and to STOP ALITO.

Why are we doing it?
- A woman's fundamental right to determine when and whether to bear children will be in real trouble if we replace Sandra Day O'Connor with a Supremee Court justice who demonstrates such obvious hostility to our rights. Judge Alito would likely be the 5th vote to reverse Roe v. Wade, because his dissent in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey shows that he is willing to stand alone in attacking a woman's right to reproductive choice.

- Even with the protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, it is expensive and difficult for a waomn or person of color to bring a successful action alleging employment discrimation to court. In several strong dissents, Alito advocated making it easier for judges to dismiss these cases before they ever get to a jury, by setting up higher and higher hurdles for victims to meet before they even get a chance to prove their case to a jury of their peers.

- If Judge Alito's positin had won the day in Doe v. Groody, police would have unfettered freedom to reinterpret the terms of search warrants. The fourth amendment guarantees the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and it should not be up to the discretion of a polcie officer how far to extend the terms of a search warrant. Furthermore, allowing a strip search of a woamn and 10-year-old girl who weren't even named in the warrant demonstrates a deep disregard for their privacy rights and bodily integrity.

- In D.R. v. Middle Bucks Area Vocational Technical School, Judge Alito demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the devastating experience of sexual abuse on a young girl, in this case, a hearing-impaired girl, in a school estting where she should have been able to expect safety and security. This is another example of Alito's inclination to interpret civil rights statutes narrowly, depriving individuals of legal protections and of their day in court.

To get involved with this effort, click here: http://www.feministcampus.org/FreedomWinter06/

December 23rd, 2005

anjel_kitty @ 12:23 am: Stickers for full figured women
Hello Fellow Feminist,

I am looking for good images and art that could (and the artist wouldn't mind) being turned in to stickers. I am looking for images that support full figured women and healthy body types, and are anti-fashion industry.

Thank you all in advance.

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December 17th, 2005

gummybeartheory @ 05:53 pm: Petition for a new and more accurate translation of Beauvoir
Apparently, there is a new and better translation of The Second Sex in the works, but the publisher thinks it won't sell.

Anyone who would like to sign the petition can go to:


Read more...Collapse )


anjel_kitty @ 10:53 am: Should we extend the draft to women?
My mate and I are both very adamant feminists, and try to make our heterosexual relationship as equal as possible. We share in all the same duties, and build on each other strengths (he is a better cook, and I am better suited for a good career). We base our relationship on equality and the principles of feminism, (or as he prefers to call it equalitarianism). However there is one point of disagreement that we find, and that is the issue of draft. He thinks that women should be drafted same as men, and that it is against our feminist philosophy to "pick and choose" when we want equality. Personally, I have no desire to ever see women placed in the draft, and sent to die in foreign wars for our nation's economic interests, but I do admit he has a valid point. One of the things I have noticed is that there hasn't been much of a huge movement (at least in the US) among feminist to have women drafted, (and personally I don't blame us). I know that in some countries like Israel, the draft is mandatory for both men and women, but there are a lot fewer people in Israel than here in the US, and Israel is having to constantly flex its military muscle being it is a Jewish nation in the midst of sea of Islam.
So what are yall's thoughts on this: Should American women have to be drafted like men, in order to comply with our feminist ideologies?

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December 15th, 2005

parathalyn @ 11:33 am: Feminist in TX
I'm a 24 yo feminist (also an atheist, pro-choice, pro-GLBT rights, etc.) who was borned & raised in the northern US. I moved down to TX last year. It's a great place to do research, but this place is suffocating! I always feel like I have to not discuss certain topcs with people and hide my opinions/beliefs. After a year, I have yet to make a friend that I feel completely comfortable with. Much longer of my deepest conversation of the day being about budget cuts with my co-workers and I'm going to self-implode due to emptiness in my head.

Any suggestions or people in similiar situations?

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