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feministsanon's Journal

feminists anonymous
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It can be difficult to be a feminist these days. People automatically think that you're anti-male; that you're a "feminazi"; that you're lesbian (hey, I didn't say it's a bad thing, but it's not fair to infer sexuality from support of women, right?)

So, welcome to Feminists Anonymous, where we're proud to admit that we support women. We're not against men; in fact, we sympathize with those who struggle with the strangulatingly narrow masculine role "allowed" by today's societal standards.

We understand that women are not equal and there is a continued need for extra support of women. There are battles to be waged, and we support those, and also, we're hear to listen. We are happy to listen to your personal struggles, your rants and raves, and your tales of heroism and bravery in the feminist struggle.

Feminists Anonymous, the name, sounds like some sort of cure for Feminism, a twelve step program to rid yourself of the curse of being pro-woman. That's not what it's about at all: I chose the name in recognition of the fact that people seem to have to "admit" nowadays to being feminist, and can be judged harshly for it. I've especially noticed recently that to be pro-woman can seem to some to be anti-Patriotic. And we're here to challenge that: we would like to see everyone getting along peacefully, in support of women and men.

Hi, my name is Indighost, and I'm a Feminist.

Hi, Indighost.

Let me tell you about something that happened to me today...

(Join in and tell me your stories as well).